xdebug in brackets editor

Remote Debugging PHP in Brackets with XDebug prereqs:

This post assumes you already have:

  1. a working xdebug install
  2. Brackets

How to get Xdebug working with Brackets?

  • Open Brackets
  • Goto the extensions tab (the second icon on the right pane)
  • Search for ‘xdebug’
  • Click install
  • Click close, click close again
  • Click the debug tab (looks like a blue bug, usually its the last icon in the
    right pane)
    brackets bug icon
  • Make sure that you can see the message “Server started listening on port 9000” in the bottom panel
    brackets xdebug bar

Setting Up Remote Debugging Paths

  • Click the gear-icon
  • Add the following to the “Listen for XDebug” section
"stopOnEntry": true,
"pathMappings": {
    "/var/www/vhosts/": "${workspaceRoot}/",

The exact path mappings will depend on your project

Click the ‘play’ icon (or press F5) to start the debugging session

PHP Step Debugging

To set a breakpoint, click on the gutter to the left of the line number

Screenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.29.27.png

Remote PHP Debugging Using Brackets: Initiating a debug session:

Install the easy-xdebug instension in your browser:

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