Xml sitemap to html – simple bash script

I have made a simple bash script to convert your xml sitemap to html anchor tags
e.g. For importing into Firefox or chrome bookmarks (or for any other use you can think of)

It has been tested on linux mint and osx mavericks, but it should work wherever you have bash, see, cat and grep (e.g. windows with GNUtools)


To download it just:

git clone https://github.com/localhost8080/xml-sitemap-to-html.git

Simple gplv2 bash script to convert an xml sitemap to an html page full of links

If you can use it, then great :D by Jonathan Mitchell jonathansblog.co.uk

Tested on osx and Linux (Mavericks and linux mint) - but its a bash script, so it should work where you have bash, sed cat and grep

usage: sitemap-xml-to-html input_file

the script outputs to STDOUT, so you can treat it like cat or grep and send its output through pipes, etc

Once downloaded you will need to chmod +x the file to make it executable

chmod +x sitemap-xml-to-html

The script will not fetch the sitemap.xml file, you have to download that on your own.

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