Aduim, addressbook, iphone contacts synced properly with google contacts gmail etc.

you hopefully have all your contacts synced between your iphone / ipod touch, your mac addressbook and your google contacts. if not see my blog post about it here

once you have the whole syncing between your mac addressbook and the cloud (and then with your ipod / iphone) then you are ready for the next step.

syncing your soial networking contacts to their details in your addressbook.

  • install adium (if you have not already) then connect to your social networking accounts (facebook, yahoo, msn, etc) . you will notice that you have multiple entries for the same people – to fix this
  • drag one of the contacts on top of its multiple. they are now merged.
  • right click the contact and hit ‘add to addressbook’
  • open your addressbook – you might find that it has added a new contact and you will need to merge it with an existing one – simply select both of them and goto card -> merge
  • once you have done this for all your contacts then sync it with the cloud again.

the only problem about this way is that facebook contacts dont get added =( and it takes a long time to sync every contact manually=(

adiumbook is a nice little app that will help you doing all this =) you can get more info about adiumbook here.

you will now have the contact with their profile pic from facebook or msn or wherever and other details they have provided (like phone number, address, etc)

not everyone adds these details, so you might get some with blanks, but it is getting to be a decent addressbook (and they are synced with google so you can get them in the cloud too)

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