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Protools 8

Well, ive been looking into protools 8 there are a few cool features – things that cubase and others have had for a long time, but that make protools at least able to compete now =) the score editor looks nice – play your midi into protools as usual, and Read more…

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Everyone’s itunes does it. you get massive visualisations at gigs. im experimenting in proper visuals for my gigs – I play ableton in a band. I have yet to find a visualisation program that takes input from your soundcard and generates the visualisations based on whats coming into that input. Read more…

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well, I now have a way to make tutorial videos, and this is really the last in a series of tests for me, this is the test of getting my video from youtube and generating a page with the video in it, its not yet working properly on the homepage – i need to put an if statement in the code to check if the file is a video instead of a picture.
it should be working on the front page as well, and the story should be ok in the categories, but the single page video is borked =P

this video is just me running an ableton session so that i could make a video of it and test everything…