Calendars and organisation

Calendars and organisation – I used to be the most disorganised person I know.
I use google calendar a lot now – I used to use a .txt file and notepad. I still use microsoft onenote every day to put stuff in that I want to do, but never seem to get round to it. So I started making different calendars in google, one for my blog (which just told me that I have to write this post) one for mastering tracks, finalising mixes, one for doing the hoovering and packing the dishwasher (yes, I need a calendar with an alarm to remind me to do this kind of thing.)
Mozilla Sunbird can be interfaced to your google calendars pretty easilly, but you need the ‘provider for google calendar’ which you can get from  -if you need a tutorial to show you how to set it up then check out this site the link will take you directly to the tutorial – once its setup then you have access to your google calendar without going to google in your browser – you just need to open sunbird and all your google calendars are there -you cxan add events, set reminders, etc all from within sunbird. but you still have to open sunbird to see what you have to do today.
I have setup a ‘todo’ calendar – which I put all the stuff that I need to do – things like post the letters, take the bin out, all that meaning-less crap that I would forget about, so I have downloaded yahoo desktop thingy that puts the widgets on your desktop. – I have disabled everything that they give you, because it serves no purpose, except as a cpu hog.
then I downloaded about 15 different google calendar widgets. none of them work properly. have the best one – download that and it will open on your desktop, you then plug in your google calendar details and blam! you now have your ‘todo’ list on your desktop – anything that you add to it in sunbird will appear on your desktop (and the reminders work)
you can add multipe calendars to it too – so I have my ‘gigs I want to see’ calendar and my ‘todo’ calendar, and my ‘whats on the telly’ calendar – I have it in my ‘office’ type user on my computer -which has all the officy type stuff on it, I keep my music making in a different user account – with different services running – you dont need to be able to print to a network printer when you are running protools, stuff like that – this way I keep everything seperate and its as easy as hitting ‘logout’ and then clicking the user and logging in to get a different setup =)
I hope you might get something from this, and If you have any tips that I might be able to use then please share them =)

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