Cleaning an aluminium macbook pro (with GT85)

My aluminium mac is dirty. Time to clean it. The screen is easy – I have the cloth from the box. I just rub it with that – the screen attracts fluff (thats usually 1 pixel in size). There are no fingerprints.

I have a screen wiper thing that I got with a pack of iphone screen protector things. I googled first to see if there was anything decent that I could use, instead of just a wet sock. – Fair enough, just wipe it and dont get it wet.

Loads of suggestions here:

The post that I noticed was the one about wd40 =)

I have gt85 for my bike.I sprayed some gt85 on a wee cloth that I got with a pack of screen protectors for my ipod touch and used that. Its oil based, but evaporates. It smells nice and cleans dirty bike chains and macbook pro’s.

I just wiped it all over the keyboard, and all the aluminium, then left it to evaporate for 2 minutes.I didnt turn my mac off, I didnt spray it onto the mac. I sprayed one small skoosh onto the cloth and then wiped away. Itmade my mac look like new

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  1. mark

    Jonathan – great post ref the cleaning power of Gt85 – we have linked to it from our FB page – many thanks

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