About 7 months ago I bought a pair of headphones for my ipod touch. they were decent in-ear ones – akg k330, they cost about £45.

after 3 months one of the earphones ‘fizzled’ out. it was the tiny speaker.

i got them from amazon, so I sent a mail and they sent me out another pair. just in time, as I was on the train home from work the other ear did the same, just fizzled out. no problem, I thought, new ones are on the way – it must just be a dodgy pair.

fast forward almost exactly the same time, but with a second pair of the same headphones. the left ear went yesterday. I know its about a week and a half till the second ear goes.

point of advice: dont buy these. I now need to find another pair of decent headphones. if these ones worked they would be fantastic – the sound quality is excellent, but the build quality is severely lacking.
i had a pair of shure in-ear headphones before these, which lasted about 5 years. think ill get another set of them.

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