Im listening to a great talk about culture inside a company –

defining culture: you have to address the culture and define what you want it to be, it wont happen organically.

you have to have a strong feedback culture to have a good culture

you need to make everything concrete.

I also met some people that I know!

What should the values be?

defining career paths and job descriptions for each role is crucial.

expectations for the levels of employees – all juniors should have the same expectations (their technical remit is different). Feedback every 6 months measured against the expectations docs.


Recognise the good behaviours – its a great way to promote the values you want.

Mental health coaching during work hours – Sanctus go to their offices once a month.

Trust each other, dont micromanage. Feedback early and often.

Make a document about the culture. put it on the website. Add it to the company handbook. All the line managers are responsible as well as the leadership team.

1 map out what the team need from you

2 map out what you expect from them

3 look at the behaviours that make your team what it is

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