Enable airplay on bbc iplayer for ipad or iphone

This will show you how to enable airplay on bbc iplayer for ipad or iphone.
doing this will let you watch bbc iplayer content on your tv via your apple tv :D

enable airplay on bbc iplayer

airplay on bbc iplayer

  • open the iplayer app
  • double-click the home button (the physical button on your ipad or iphone)
  • it will bring up the running apps, swipe left till you see the airplay icon
  • press the airplay icon and pick your apple tv
  • touch your iplayer app again and pick a video.

It will now play on your tv!

Source: Apple Support

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  1. Dimicool

    can someone confirms to me that this works ?? 
    This only gives me sound on the atv..

  2. Dermot

    Thanks – I actually wanted to stream BBC Radio to my airplay speakers and this has been the only place that showed me how to do it.

  3. Jessica kirbyshire

    Thank you! Got it now! why did they make it so hard LOL!! XX

  4. Jessica kirbyshire

    very distorted! for a HD TV though

    1. Peter J. Nicholls

      Mine was too. But I followed this and adjusted the airplay volume to about 10% and it fixes it for me

  5. tremain

    Brilliant, you’re a legend!!!!! thank you so much, I’ve been trying to sort this out for so long!!!!! x

  6. Mileskenyon

    theres no mirroring button on iphone :(

  7. Quinapalus

    Looks like this has been removed from iOS 6

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