Finder hints – resize column view

This one is good if you use the finder ‘column view’ if you find the file names always being truncated then you can resize column view width.

you can do it a few different ways

1 ) drag the || icon at the bottom of the column
2 ) right click the || icon at the bottom of the column.
it will show you three options
– right size this column
– right size all columns individually
– right size all columns equally
they are pretty self explanatory :
the first resizes the current column so that all the filenames are not truncated (it makes it the right size)
the second resizes every column so that all the file names are not truncated by making each column as wide as it needs to be (it makes each column be the right size)
the third resizes every column to be the width of the widest column needed to make all filenames not be truncated.

the second one is the one that is probably needed to be set to default, but as of yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to set this as default.

in any case, I use the coverflow view.

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  1. john

    You can alt+drag the || icon at the bottom, and it will change/reset the default width to all columns

    1. Tom

      John, this is absolutely key. Thank you

      1. James Bayliss Smith

        Legend!  I’ve been using Mac for 20 years and I only just worked that out!!!!! Why don’t apple provide a list of tips and tricks when you buy a computer?

        1. jonathan

          lol, cos then my website would never get any traffic :D

    2. Polo

      Awesome!! thanks a trillion!

  2. Adam

    If you double click it will “Right Size This Column” if you option+click it will “Right Size All Columns Individually” if you option+shift+click it will Right Size All Columns Equally”

    No if only there was a way to have it autmatically do by default in both “Column View” and “List View”. These are the silly things that make me wonder how this doesn’t bother OS X programmers. The Finder drives me nuts sometimes.

    Default Folder X, Cinch, and SP Resize are three applications that make the Finder a little more bearable for me.

  3. Propellerq

    please, let’s beg, steal or borow to get this done: by default and ALWAYS have all columns set to individual optimum. I’m bored the shove that columnd breadth around, especially after some brilliant mind sets a filename to litterally half the contents of a book. that’s clumsy and NOT apple-like, it’s not elegant. CAN WE??

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