Mount sftp folder with finder

This will show you how to mount a remote directory in finder using sftp. (Mount sftp folder with finder). There is a link at the bottom to a post to mount any remote system you have ssh access to using homebrew. check that out if you like working with the command-line.

The simple method: using finder and the ‘wrong’ protocol to mount sftp folder with finder

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  1. johaneltes

    is it possible to connect to an amazon ec2 server this way? I’ve done an ssh-add of the pem file and try to connect leaving the password empty, but no success. I can connect to the same server using “ssh user@server” in the terminal (I’m not prompted for password).

  2. Astro Turfer

    Does not work for me. I’ve tried connecting to a Ubuntu server (which works using sftp://server/path from Ubuntu desktop).

  3. jonathan

    it seems that this doesnt actually work. it might have been a bug in snow leopard that let me think it was connecting via sftp when it was actually connecting via ftp :|

  4. Gerald

    worked in Snow Leopard. Broken in Lion

  5. Vadym Tyemirov

    Works like charm! Thanks a bunch for the tip

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