New year! (geting re-orgainsed, syncing todo lists between, ical and iphone)

well, its a new year. Happy new year to everyone. I have a couple of things id like to do this year. one of them is sort out the things that I didnt manage to get done last year.

Im going to try to show you how to get your todo items to behave properly (that is, have them show up in ical, have them assigned to a todo folder in, and have them work properly in your iphone)

firstly, you will need to be at the stage where your ical and iphone get their mail and calendar from gmail. (iphone sync with gmail is here )  (use this first to setup ical to sync with google calendar)

you should now have your ical and your syncing with gmail and google calendar, on both your iphone and your mac.

this bit was going to be about how you could automaticaly add a todo to your gmail todo lists using and have them appear in ical’s todo list.

but I cant figure it out. I dont think its possible (well, it is, but not the way I want it – to get it to work you have to log into gmail and do cmd+t on every mail you want to be a task. I want it to be automatic.)

I will update this post once I figure it out.

(here is a post that half describes my problem, only without the cloud sync to google and the iphone)

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