Gameboy Advance custom buttons mod

When I ordered transparent buttons for my Gameboy Pocket, I alos picked up a set of transparent buttons for my Gameboy Advance. The set of buttons included shoulder buttons (L+R) A button, B button, D-pad, power switch and the side rail button things too! this set was perfect for my Gameboy Advance custom buttons mod!

My Gameboy Advance next to my Gameboy Pocket before I modified the buttons.

A closeup of the Gameboy Adbance before I changed the buttons. I think it looks pretty cool as it is, but I wanted it to match my Gameboy Pocket :D

REmoving the back of the case to gain access to the internals

In the same way I modified my Gameboy Pocket, I removed all the screws holding the pcb in place, but kept the ribbon attached. You have to be very careful not to damage the ribbon if you do it this way. I removed the rubber button cover things and put the new transparent buttons in place, including the side things and the power switch.

I then replaced the pcb and screwed it down. the side rail things were pretty tricky, but eventually I balanced them enough to put the back case on and screw it shut!

Buttons in place and case screwed shut, ready to test it working now

A close-up showing the top buttons, side rail things and the power switch

A close-up of the top buttons

my EZFlash IV with the sticker removed! transparent casings FTW!

power on! I really need a backlight mod for this screen :)

yeah! the Gameboy Advance custom buttons mod works!
I think I need a blue LED
and maybe even some LED backlights for the transparent buttons – the list is endless!!

Gameboy Advance custom buttons mod
side-by side. The Gameboy Pocket looks less blue in real life, and the Gameboy Advance less purple – they are almost an exact match when you look at them in normal light

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