GBA gameboy backlight screen mod

I finally got my backlit screens delivered from China (took 7 weeks) and ordered some ribbon adaptors (again from gooeysstore on ebay uk) and I an do my gba gameboy backlight screen mod

GBA gameboy backlight screen mod

I used the instructions in this github gist. I have the 40pin motherboard, but didnt know which screen type I had (figured out it was the type A screen)

GBA gameboy backlight screen mod

I ended up having to connect pin 103 to ground (I used the pin near the cart connector) It worked a treat, and I now have a backlit gameboy advance thanks to the gba gameboy backlight screen mod

The Game Boy Advance (GBA) is a handheld game console developed by Nintendo and released in 2001. It is the successor to the popular Game Boy and Game Boy Color systems and was the first Game Boy to feature a 32-bit processor, allowing for improved graphics and gameplay capabilities.

The GBA featured a vertical screen orientation and was available in a range of colors, including white, black, purple, orange, and clear. It also introduced the use of shoulder buttons, which allowed for more complex controls in games. The system used cartridges to play games, with popular titles including Super Mario Advance, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

One of the key features of the GBA was its backwards compatibility with previous Game Boy titles, allowing players to continue playing their favorite games from earlier systems on the new hardware. Additionally, the GBA introduced the ability to connect to other systems for multiplayer gaming, either through a link cable or wirelessly using the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter.

The GBA also saw the release of several peripheral accessories, including the Game Boy Player, which allowed games to be played on a TV screen using a GameCube console, and the e-Reader, which enabled players to scan cards to unlock new content in games.

Overall, the Game Boy Advance was a hugely popular handheld console and remains a favorite among retro gaming enthusiasts today. Its library of games included many classic titles and its features and capabilities set the stage for the continued evolution of handheld gaming.

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