Gameboy Pocket case mod

Gameboy Pocket case mod

I got a gameboy pocket to go with my gameboy advance (again from ebay). I had already decided to match the case and buttons to the gameboy advance. I ordered a glass screen, gameboy pocket transparent dark blue case and a set of button pads from They arrived next day, so I fitted the case – here are the results of my Gameboy Pocket case mod!

Gameboy Pocket case mod Parts ready to begin

Parts laid out on my table, ready to begin disassembling the green gameboy pocket I got from ebay!

Gameboy Pocket case mod opening the gameboy pocket

After opening the gameboy pocket to see all the parts inside. Ready to take out the PCB and transplant the internals into the new case (on the right).

Gameboy Pocket case mod pcb removed

The pcb is removed, showing the buttons and screen still inside the green gameboy case

Gameboy Pocket case mod screen removed

I have removed the screen and placed it in the new transparent dark blue case along with the old buttons and new button pads. New buttons can wait till I do the gameboy pocket backlight mod.

Gameboy Pocket case mod

the new case has the buttons and the back parts from the buttons installed along with the screen. My new case is ready for the gameboy pocket’s pcb – its an easy job to place the pcb in the new case and screw in the screws!

Here is the modified gameboy pocket assembled with the new glass screen installed!

Gameboy Pocket assembled and glass screen installed

Gameboy Pocket case mod next to my gba

Gameboy Pocket next to my gba

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