Factory restore android on chuwi hi10

This is a short post on how to factory restore android on chuwi hi10

1) Download and install intel phoneflashtool

2) Download the version of android you need from here:

The password is en.chuwi.com

3) Connect your chuwi to your mac with a usbC cable

4) Turn your hi10 pro off

5) Hold down the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time, keep them pressed

6) Press the power on button (keeping the volume buttons down)

7) Your chuwi will boot into DMX FASTBOOT MODE and will listen for connections

8) Open the phoneflashtool in your mac

factory restore android on chuwi hi10

9) Use the ‘browse’ button to browse to the location of your extracted android download form step 2

10) Select either the ‘flash.json or the flash-no-erase-all.json’ files
I selected ‘flash’ as I wanted to clear the device and remove windows, you can also select ‘flash-no-erase-all’ so that windowns wouldnt be touched

11) In the ‘configuration’ dropdown, I selected ‘recover’, you can also select ‘blank’ or ‘update’

12) Click ‘start to flash’
wait for the device to reboot a few times and then android will be installed

You might want to try some alternative operating systems on your chuwi hi10 pro
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kali on the chuwi hi10 pro

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  1. Hendro Joewono

    Jonathan, I just bumped into this blog today. Tried the android version link to no avail. The forum page says it doesn’t exist. Could you pease help me locate it? Thanks so much

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