Howto remove wordpress category base with more automatic 301’s

since I changed the premalink structure of my posts the site has been getting a bit more traffic (I also put in some htaccess rules to stop certain bots getting to the site, which reduced overall traffic, but now I know that most prople coming to the site are actual people!) I have been looking for a way to change the category urls by removing the category base (/category/)..

the category structure by defaiult in wordpress goes like this:

  • /category/cat-name/sub-cat

which is ok, but not easy to remember. it would be far better if it was just

  • /cat-name

I found a plugin that will remove the category base and will 301 your old /category/cat-name urls to the new /cat-name urls so you dont have to worry about old links pointing to categories.

this does the trick.

there is only one problem – you cant have a category with the same name as a page, or a post.

thats fine. not sure why anyone would want a page, a category or a post to have the same name as anything else, eg

if you have a page called news, then use that for your news. if you have a category for news then use that for your news.

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