How to disable dashboard osx snow leopard and newer

I dont use the osx widget dashboard. This post will show you how to disable dashboard osx. I had to look for a way to turn it off to save some resources and to stop the default widgets showing in my virtual desktop spaces while I was looking for another app.

Im not sure when it was introduced, but in el Capitan if you go to system preferences > mission control there is a dropdown for ‘Dashboard’ – you can set this to ‘off’ to disable the dashboard without having to enter the terminal commands below:

How to disable dashboard osx from command line

It turns out that its pretty easy to disable the widget dashboard and it works in snow leopard, lion, mountain lion, Yosemite and el Capitan too :)

open terminal > type:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES 
killall Dock

this will disable your widget dashboard and restart the dock.

To re-enable the widget dashboard just type

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO
killall Dock

this will enable the widget dashboard and restart the dock so that you can see your widgets again
enjoy =)


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