How to root android on a chuwi hi10 Pro

How to root android on a chuwi hi10 Pro

First, you need to enable developer mode

How to root android on a chuwi hi10 Pro: Enable Developer Mode

  • start android, goto settings > about tablet > click on “build number” 10 times

Then you need to allow oem unlocking

  • settings > developer options > enable ‘oem unlocking’

install twrp

  • download twrp from here:
  • Plug your android device into a PC (running windows, osx or linux) that has fastboot and abd installed
  • restart your android device, and hold volumne-down to boot into the bootloader
  • once the android has rebooted and is showing the bootloader, type the following from your PC

fastboot oem unlock
fastboot flash recovery recovery-twrp.img

where recovery-twrp.img is the filename for the file you downloaded

Disable dm-verify

I couldnt get the sd card to work in twrp, so I used android-file-transfer on the mac to transfer the file to the chuwie (it works while in twrp recovery mode)

  • Once the file is copied over
  • Go to the install menu in twrp
  • Select the zip file you just uploaded
  • Once its flashed, reboot back to android

Root Your Chuwi

  • Restart your chuwie and go to the bootloader
  • Select recovery and boot into twrp
  • You then need to get superSU from here:
  • Once you are in twrp transfer over superSu
  • Then go to install, select the superSU zip file you uploaded and install it
  • Then you can reboot your chuwi into a rooted android


you might want to try kali linux on the hi10 pro too

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  1. Theodoro Pelingan

    Hello, i followed the instructions but now my chuwi Hi10 plus cant connect to WIFI. any help for me?

  2. franc

    Deleted, I ask better in the original source at Kang :)

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