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Ipad screen flicker fix instructions

Ipad screen flicker fix: My ipad screen started flickering randomly one day. It would flicker when I was scrolling in safari, or when I was playing a game. It wasn’t a major flicker, but it was notice-able. The areas that were meant to be white went darker. There were horizontal lines appearing randomly over the whole screen. I was not sure if it was the actual screen itself. After a quick google search I found a few people with the same issue, but no fix.

I tried a few settings, but nothing really worked. By pure luck I remembered that the last thing that I had changed before it started flickering. It was the brightness setting. I had set it to be as dark as it would go. It was worth a shot.

Ipad screen flicker fix

Here’s how To fix your ipad screen flicker

  1. go to settings > screen
  2. make sure the brightness isn’t fully down.
  3. make sure that auto brightness isn’t switched on

That’s it. All you need to do is to make sure that you don’t have auto brightness on. As long as the brightness is not set to the minimum, your ipad screen wont flicker.

There are other things that can cause your screen to flicker. eg. if your screen is actually broken. Thankfully this method is an easy one to check. Its a simple setting in software and it might fix your screen. If it doesnt, then its probably best to take your ipad into an apple store and get them to have a look at it.

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