Permanently delete ipod photo cache from desktop

Do you have a folder called ‘ipod photo cache‘ on your desktop that, no matter what never ever goes away, even if you delete it, it comes back ? This post will show you how to remove it.

The reason that this folder appears is that iTunes will create images with the best settings for your device. Itunes will then store these optimised images in the photo cache folder. These optimised images are then synced to your iPhone or iPod.

Delete iPod photo cache from desktop

Testing the photo cache by deleting it and watching it re-appear.

  • open iTunes.
  • delete iPod photo cache from desktop
  • plug-in your device (iPod, iPhone, iPad)
  • watch the iPod photo cache magically appear.

Setting up itunes so that the ipod photo cache isnt on your desktop.

  • click on the device in the side bar of iTunes
  • go to photo sync tab
  • if the box isn’t ticked, then tick ‘sync photos’ (trust me)
  • pick a folder to sync that isn’t your desktop [like your photos folder]
  • iTunes will complain and will say ‘im going to delete the photos on your device’.

Itunes will not delete any photos TAKEN by your device, only photos that have sent from your mac or pc to your iPhone or iPad.

Putting it altogether.

  • hit ok and let it sync to the new location (its ok if you don’t actually want to sync to here, you will disable this in a minute)
  • once it has synced, go back into the sync options and turn off sync photos.
  • itunes will then delete all the photos it just synced
  • you will now notice that the ipod photo cache isn’t on your desktop [its been moved to the place you just synced to, e.g. your photos folder]
  • enjoy not having to delete the iPod photo cache every time you plug your iPhone or iPad in.

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  1. Frank

    Thats great.


  2. amelia

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. this has been driving me crazy!

    1. jonathan

      yeah, it used to drive me nuts too!!

  3. jonathan

    yeah, it used to drive me nuts too :)

  4. Gmailer2

    Still doesn’t get rid of the folder, just moves it to a different location – duh. There’s no reason the folder should exist in the first place if I have Photo Sync turned off.

    1. jonathan

      true, but it gets it away from the desktop.

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    Didn’t work for me.

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