New m-audio drivers

I have an m-audio delta 1010 sound card. its the rack one. its pretty good, considering the price I paid for it. it has 10 inputs and 10 outputs. It doesnt have preamps, but it does work with protools which is why I got it – that way I can add my own preamps and I can run proools on it without buying a crappy mbox or one of the 003 units that cost a grand. one bad thing is that it doesnt have ADAT, which I didn’t now about when I got it. anyway, ill live with what I have. I did have a clocking issue though – ive got a crappy freeview digital tv box plugged in to my tv card so I can get telly on my computer screen, It has SPDIF output, which is plugged into my delta 1010.
The problem that I had was in the mismatched clocks. If I was running protools then It would set itself to 96K, as I wanted, but then when I exited protools it would set back to the internal 44.1k clock, the only problem was that it wasnt 44.1k – what was happening was the SPDIF clock rate (its 44.1k on the device) would get set as the rate for the internal 48k – making my internal 44.1k clock run slow.
I didnt notice it for about a week, then I noticed one of my songs wasnt the same pitch as before. It seems to be fixed with the new drivers, so I have a lot of bouncing of tracks to do, just to make sure.

Another thing they have done in this driver update is change the appearence of the mixer – the old one was manky. the new one looks like they stole the design from ableton….

anyway, hopefully my clocking issues are fixed.

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