Mastering tracks

Mastering tracks – Ok, so the hard part is done. you’ve written, demoed, practiced, arranged in countless different ways, recorded, re-recorded, mixed, re-mixed and finally scrapped and done all that again, you have a handfull of songs. your not happy with them (noone ever is).
now the hard part starts.
I use protools for mastering,you can use anything your familiar with.
the first thing to do is to import all your mixed tracks into their own tracks. this way you have a little flexibility.
I have about 50 tracks that im doing in this mastering session, so its gonna take me a while. the reason that I have 50 tracks is that I an splitting them up into different albums, they are all from the same artist, and they are all, pretty much, the same style.
a few things to remember when mastering:

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