Protools 8

Well, ive been looking into protools 8
there are a few cool features –

things that cubase and others have had for a long time, but that make protools at least able to compete now =)

the score editor looks nice – play your midi into protools as usual, and print the midi out as a score. nice feature.

their so called ‘liquid time line’ – ableton has had this for ages.
not sure i’ll use that at all.

they have made the buttons kinda round. woooo. way to go – you edited some images. not worth a major release for.

48 tracks in m-powered and LE – awesome =| I still dont know why they hardcoded in a value for the max number of tracks anyway.
If you buy the addon packs then you can now get 7.1 surroundsound and upto 128 tracks in protools LE !!!
that sounds like a good enough reason to splash out on an mbox.

they still dont have multitrack beat detective in protools le or m-powered, unless you buy the add on that used to give you mp3 export, unlimited tracks and multi track beat detective. – ill just stick to ableton for its warping and use protools to finalise my mixes in thankyouverymuch.

I am looking forward to trying out all the new plugins and stuff that ships with the new protoolls, though I expect they wont get regular use  in my studio. some might though – I still use their crappy eq and compressor all the time.

I’m most looking forward to the new midi stuff that they have – midi editing in earlier versions of protools was poor to say the least. I hope they have improved it a lot. please!

Im sitting my protools 201 soon, and when I did the 110 I got a free plugin, so hopefully this time ill be able to get a free protools 8 upgrade =) since I am paying a lot for a bit of paper that says I can work protools.

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