Mastering tracks

Ive been busy mastering tracks. I just mastered 37 tracks (I actually mastered 51 of them, but a few got dropped already)

I have bounced them all down to disk and now need to sort out the order of the tracks to make them flow better.

I have my own ISRC codes to use on the tracks, which is nice.

So I have a lot of listening to do, I might even have to go in and add some fades to the ends of some tracks to make them go together better.

I mastered them in protools (which isnt ideal, but im used to the way it works and I had a lot to do, so it worked for me. the songs were all written in ableton live, recorded parts done in ableton, mixing was done in ableton aswell, then an exported .wav was dumped to a folder on my machine, and then imported into protools. where I did my mastering magic.

it took me 2 days of messing with eq’s, compressors, frequency scopes and calculating gains to get them all to sit nice with each other. it then took me a full day to bounce all the tracks internally to a track and apply fades at the starts and ends of the tracks to avoid any nasty clicks at the starts.

once that was done it took me another day to actually bounce them all to disk (and do the dithering at the same time). now they are on my disk and are ready. well, they are ready to be put into the correct order and then I might even have to go back into the session and adjust the fades and re-bounce them to make them fit into the album (or albums).

once all that is done I still need to get a barcode for my new album (or albums) I need to make artwork (though I think I have a photo I took on my phone thats perfect) add the ISRC info to all the songs, put them into burning software, make the master disks (and make a couple of copies) register them with catco, send them to the states and get them on itunes and promote them online.

guess ill be hard at work over the next month then.

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