Protools tips

Here are some protools tips – how to cram more into your session, and a few shortcuts that I use

  • the first thing is to use a lot of busses.

I usually group all my drum tracks together then fling an aux after it, and route all the outputs of the audio tracks from the drums to the aux chan. that way I can place individual eq on each drum track, and I can set a level for the individual drum tracks, and I can use the aux track to control the total level of the drum kit.

  • I usually put a reverb on an aux track and set the reverb,then put a send on every track that I want to use that reverb.
  • I usually have two or three reverb channels per session.

guitars are usually grouped, with an aux after the guitar group – kinda like a sub-master, just like the drums that way I can have one eq for all the guitar tracks for each guitar – it saves on resources.

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