West Highland Way Day 6 – bridge of orchy to kingshouse

West Highland Way Day 6. we woke up early this morning and had boiled eggs and toast for breakfast. At 8:45 we left for inveroran (the only place we could really stop, except in the wilderness) 2.5 miles over a wee hill in the rain. we got there at 9:45 and had a 15 minute wait till the tea shop opened. we had a coffee / tea and a marsbar and a seat next to the fire.

9 3/4 miles to kingshouse, over the moors in the rain.

the moors were fine, some drizzle, but none of the heavy rain that was forecast, till we rounded the corner at glen coe, then it was nuts. sideways rain to the face. we only had 500 yards to get to the ski resort, but by the time we reached it we were soaked to the bone, we jumped into the hobbit house, it was 2pm, we had made excellent time.

we are going to sit about in the hobbit house till our stuff gets dry and eat our rolls and have our complimentary tea and hot chocolate from the bridge of orchy hotel :D

after that, there isnt much to do – we could get the chair lift to the top of the mountain, but we wouldnt be able to see anything. apart from that, the cafe sells hot food and beer.

for dinner we got two chicken burgers and chips and a wild berry rekorderlig cider and a coke in the ski cafe. midgy bites are itchy now, even after half a tube of anti-itch cream.

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