Moving between virtual desktops in osx mission control

This post will show you about moving between virtual desktops in osx mission control. I also have a post about how to setup multiple virtual desktops. Once oyu have the desktop spaces setup you can quickly move between them (I use the keyboard shortcuts all the time) – it allows you to have a fast workflow, eg with browsers on one, code editors on another, database editors in another and emails in another.

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  1. John

    well that’s a pain in the butt.

    I don’t have a scrollpad, so I have to open mission control everytime I want to change desktops? what a load of crap.

    1. Skyblueeyes2005

      So buy a wireless one from best buy?

    2. Imax Hughes14

      you don’t have to open mission control all the time. just hold control and use the arrow keys. It will let you go between desktops at the press of a button. Get a trackpad if you can, it is great with Lion. 

  2. Plagus

    You can also open a new desktop using MC and then use Ctrl-arrow keys to move between them

  3. Rickyroy87

    The fastest and easiest method personally is to set up a hotcorner – top right for mission control and then click the desktop you require. 

    1. jonathan

      yeah, i forgot about that :D personally i dont use the corner things, but i know a few people who swear by them

  4. Shady

    BUT HOW TO MOVE a desktop?


    If i have
    Desktop 2 — And i wanna move it to Desktop3 ‘s place… HOW TO DO dat?

    1. jonathan

      you cant. the best that you can do is to move all the apps from one to another…

  5. Hoefsmit

    By accident I have mail in Desktop 1 open and MSWord in desktop 2 open but I want them in the same desktop, how do I do that?

    1. jonathan

      go to mission control on desktop 2, and then drag word to desktop 1 at the top :D

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