Bluestacks run android apps on your mac osx

Bluestacks run android apps on your mac! bluestacks is an awesome app for your mac: It lets you run android apps on your mac! Bluestacks is a virtualised android environment that installs on your mac as an app. Bluestacks is free, but after a while you either have to pay to continue using bluestacks, or you can opt in to the ad-supported version.

It would be better if apple made it so that we could run iphone and ipad apps on our macs, but till then this will have to do. There are lots of cool apps that you can get on android / iphone / ipad that you just cant get on mac :(

There are an impressive number of supported apps – pretty much anything I tried worked.

run android apps on your mac without bluestacks

If you want more control, you can always run android-x86 inside virtualbox or vmware – this way it would always be free, you can always have the latest version, though its not as smooth – the bluestacks version does offer cool things, like cloud-sync between your machines (though you could get round this with google play store and things like dropbox if you needed to)

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