Essential iphone apps when you have no home broadband internet connection

After moving into my new flat I had to wait three weeks for my isp to connect me. here is a list of my essential iphobe apps that kept me connected.
this one is the most important. it let me read my mail.
this one helped me search for utility suppliers for electricity / gas / isp and let me log in to my bank.

kept me in touch with my friends.

kept me up to date with happenings around the world
helped me read some rss feeds. I still have a backlog because I have a wifi only ipad and I usually use reader on that.

helped me write a few posts and reply to comments

helped me find places

kept me informed when I have bills to pay :)

lets me log in to remote machines from my phone.

there are a lot of apps out there for a lot of different scenarios, but from now on these are on my list of essentials.

are there any others that you would recommend? im always on the look out for good apps :)

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