Sharing your itunes library over local network

this one will show you how to share your itunes library over a network [a local network, like your home wifi network =]

first thing:

authorise all your machines with the same itunes store account.


  • open itunes on the machine where your library is [ill call it the main machine form now on]
  • goto preferences > sharing
  • tick ‘share my library on my local network’
  • pick the things you want to share [probably your entire library]


  • open itunes on the other machine [or machines, ill call them clients from now on]
  • goto preferences > sharing
  • tick ‘look for shared libraries’

this now means that you can get the main library from your main machine on all of your client machines.

id put a password on the libray; just incase;

if you have a mac:

  • open system prefefrences > security
  • goto firewall > advanced
  • make sure you allow incoming connections to itunes.

if you have a pc:

  • allow the itunes through your firewall.

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