Some cool SEO tools for you to try out

Some cool SEO tools for you to try out – I’m always looking for SEO tools, the more tools I try out, the more I understand what the general consensus is amongst the SEO community as to what makes your site perform better.

That said, there are always things to watch out for. Don’t just take things as read, what someone finds works for their site might not actauly be attributed to the thing that they think it is!
Experimentation is the key.

Anyway, here are some cool SEO tools for you to try:


If you use wordpress, then try Yoast and Greggs High Performance SEO

check out this for 96 seo things you can do in an hour and check out my seo category for other things, like link audits, technical SEO , etc.

a google search for seo is always a good one too

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  1. Ina

    Hi Jonathan, maybe you can try out You can use it to find the best keyword and just to write a good basic seo text. What do you think?

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