What to do when your mac or ipad or iphone is stolen

What to do when your mac or ipad or iphone is stolen. This is a horrible post to have to write. My house just got broken in to and my macbook pro and my ipad got stolen, along with three other laptops.

Here is a list of things I did, and the things to do if this happens to you:

What to do when your mac or ipad or iphone is stolen

1) phone the police.

they will give you a crime scene number. you need this. also, they have sirens and forensics, which makes you feel better and is generally cool.

2) go here apple support

log in and get the serial numbers of your stuff. give it to the police. they can use the numbers if they find your gear to tie it to you. tell the police that your stuff may be able to tell you where it is, show them #3

3) go to ‘find my iphone’

click each device and click the ’email me when located’. you do have find my iphone installed and activated, right?

4) change all your passwords

(banking, credit cards, email, social networks, paypal, amazon – everything)

5) phone your bank

report missing personal details and cards, just incase. tell them you got broken into and personal details could have been stolen, they will flag your account to watch for suspicious transactions.

6) phone your insurance

tell them everything thats gone missing and report any building damage, give them your police crime number from #1

check with your insurance if they cover any damage to the property, or missing laptops, some don’t unless they are specifically named in the policy.

get stuff fixed.

leverage your social network. (maybe by writing a blog post about what just happened on your iphone and asking people to share it about) post the spec of your missing gear

my missing gear is:

macbook pro mid 2010
macbook 5,1
17″ anti glare screen
8gb ram
240gb ocz vertex 2 ssd
serial: W89281ZM8YB

32gb ipad (1st gen) wifi
serial: GB032SUZZ39

other stuff was taken too :(

please share this post about so that I might be able to get my stuff back.

thank you all


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  1. Graeme

    Great post Jony, very usefull information.

  2. Taylortoni3

    good luck with getting your things back!! I’ve shared the link to all my friends

  3. elprush

    Thank you. We came home yesterday to the same thing. I appreciate your list! Good luck.

  4. A Sigman

    Thank you for the post. We had our car broken into while on vacation – welcome to Seattle! They took our luggage and all electronic items – including my iPad, two iPod Touches, an Archos Tablet and Netbook. :( They also got all of our contacts, glasses, my son’s retainers, etc. So, this post is very timely.

    1. jonathan

      sorry to hear that your stuff got stolen :(
      I did get a few leads from ‘find my mac’ and even got the police to go looking for it, but in the end nothing happened :(
      so im out by a macbook pro, an ipad, an ipod touch, a 500gb external drive, a swiss army laptop bag, 3 other windows laptops and all the stuff that was in my bag :(

  5. Stefano Giovannardi

    same sad conclusions down here…

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