Just updated my mac to 10.6.3

fairly un eventful. as per. notable improvements / bug fixes:

Application Firewall

  • CVE-ID: CVE-2009-2801
  • Available for: Mac OS X v10.5.8, Mac OS X Server v10.5.8
  • Impact: Certain rules in the Application Firewall may become inactive after restart
  • Description: A timing issue in the Application Firewall may cause certain rules to become inactive after reboot. The issue is addressed through improved handling of Firewall rules. This issue does not affect Mac OS X v10.6 systems. Credit to Michael Kisor of OrganicOrb.com for reporting this issue.

yes, you read that right. the firewall breaks when you restart your mac =| I might now be able to actually run with the firewall on ?

General operating system fixes and improvements provided for:

  • performance of Logic Pro 9 and Main Stage 2 when running in 64-bit mode.

I dont run logic, but know lots of people who do.

iCal fixes provided for:

  • changing the invitation list for a single instance of a recurring event will no longer "un-book" the location of the meeting.
  • an issue in which new invitations on a Microsoft Exchange server might not appear in the Notification pane.
  • properly showing recurring Microsoft Exchange events which have a set end date. For details, see this article.

Mail fixes and improvements provided for:

  • an issue that causes background message colors to display incorrectly in Mail.
  • signing and encrypting messages, such as when using an Entrust PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).
  • synchronization of the "Sent" mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange server.
  • an issue that could cause Mail to delete mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange server that is hosted behind an Internet load balancer.

everything else is here and here

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