Quick roundup of my mac posts

This is just a quick roundup of some of my mac posts.

how to transfer your itunes library from an xp or vista pc to a mac
this one is for moving your itunes library from a pc with xp, vista, windows 7, windows 2000, or anything else that itunes runs on to a mac.

how to convert mp3 files to itunes audiobook format

if you have lots of mp3 files that you want to appear in your itunes library as audiobooks, then this one is for you. not really mac specific, but very handy indeed.

how to sync your ical with google calendar
how to get your gmail contacts into your addressbook on macos so that any changes you make in macos or google contacts get synced. (handy to have if you have your iphone synced to google already – see this post on how to sync your gmail and google calendar with your iphone or ipod touch )

how to sync your gmail contacts with your addressbook.app osx
again, good to have if you have an iphone synced to google already.

hopefully these posts will help you to get all your contacts, calendars, and emails synced between both your iphone and mac and google stuffs.

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