Protools 8

Well, ive been looking into protools 8 there are a few cool features – things that cubase and others have had for a long time, but that make protools at least able to compete now =) the score editor looks nice – play your midi into protools as usual, and Read more…

Mastering tracks

Mastering tracks – Ok, so the hard part is done. you’ve written, demoed, practiced, arranged in countless different ways, recorded, re-recorded, mixed, re-mixed and finally scrapped and done all that again, you have a handfull of songs. your not happy with them (noone ever is). now the hard part starts. Read more…

New stuff

ive added a few coolthings to my site –
firstly i upgraded the wordpress and all the plugins, which went really smoothly, for once..
then i re-designed the header so that the rss feed is in the to left, and i added my radio player thingy, i need to do a bit of hacking to get it to not re-load the player every time you go to a new page, i also need to fix the front page a bit – its becoming a bit stale, also the tutorials page looks crap, i need to re-design it so that all the tutorials are displayed in the boxes at the bottom, and not all the random entries from the categories – that should only take a few minutes to do, the radio player thing will take longer.
im not to keen on the position of the search bar thingy, it could be neater.
also i need to make the searcher use google search cos its better, and i can get some money for the searches that you lot do on my site.
i found that all my feeds were crap. my hosting provider had added a bit of code to count the pageviews, but i dont use my hosting providers stats, i use google stats, so i had to remove their code, which was added at run time, it was a hidden option in their control panel that took me ages to find !

Abelton tutorial number 6 – using reason inside abelton

if your like me, then you love using abelton, but you also love making drum beats with reason.
you can use your reason drumbeats (and anything else you have) inside abelton.

its an easy process once you know how to do it, and you can save the setup as a template, so that when you open abelton its already wired for use with reason.

so fire up abelton and lets get going.

basically im going to show you with pictures how to :
1) create new audiotracks
2) set the input to reason
3) wire up reason so that the individual drum sounds have a channel inside abelton
4) save the setup as a template
5) record the drums from reason inside abelton

so, on with part 1

make a few audio tracks (ctrl+t)


Ooooh, rancid are gonna (hopefully) release a new album i just ripped this from some site that I subscribe to, and ive just fired up rancid on my winamp Rancid is working on a new album that is expected to drop around the same time the punk-rockers dive into their Read more…


So, I downloaded the new pennywise cd from myspace a couple of days ago go grab it form this is the second time ive listened to it now, the first time I listened I thought ‘wow’ they have made a good job, the production is clean compaired to previous Read more…


So, what is midi, and does it always have to sound so bad? MIDI is an acronym for Musical instrument Digital Interface. It allows electronic instruments, computers and other electronic devices to communicate with each other. Devices can synchronise with each other and control each other using this standard. The Read more…