Automount network drive on startup osx. This will show you how to automount a network drive when you login to osx lion. This method will persist through a reboot, so your drive will always be available.

  • Connect to your network drive (finder > go > connect to server)
  • Enter the credentials for your login to your network drive and tick the ‘remember in keychain’
  • Open system settings > users > login items
  • Drag the icon for your network drive from your desktop to the startup items.
  • Check the ‘Hide’ box if you don’t want the window of the mounted drive to open in Finder on each boot up (thanks @benjamin)

Done :D

The advantage of doing it this way is that every time you log in the drive will be mounted. You wont need to manually do it from the finder > Go menu. You wont have to enter you login credentials every time you need a file from your NAS drive.

Once you have your network drive mounted in your mac, you can get its content indexed by spotlight. Follow the instructions on this page: how to enable spotlight on a network drive

Sources: apple support page on login items