How to change the default mail client in osx

This post will show you how to change the default email client in osx.
it will let your chosen email client be used for both mailto: links and for the safari share with email feature.

the actual setting for the default email client is in

you need an account setup in in order to access the setting :|
so, firstly, if you dont yet have an account set in
open and set one up.

once you have an account setup in,

goto settings > general

pick your default email client from the list.
also, change the ‘check for new mail’ setting to ‘manual’ so that your doesnt fetch mail all the time.

you can now close and forget about it.
from this point on every mailto: link you click will open the compose dialogue of your chosen email client :)
it will also work for the ‘share by email’ feature in safari!

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