Record your screen on mac with quicktime

This post will show you how to record your screen on mac with quicktime. This is something I use constantly at work (making help guides with this method is fantastic)

1) Open quicktime
2) Goto file > new screen recording

You can now click the screen and quicktime will record your whole screen, or you can click and drag to select an area and quicktime will only record the area shown.

Once you have selected the area, or the whole screen, click the record button on quicktime. Quicktime will start recording.

Once you finish, click the stop button in quicktime. A quicktime player window will open with your recording ready for you to preview. You can sage the video directly, or you can export 1080p, 720p, etc from the file > export menu.

You now have a video of your screen to upload to youtube, vimeo etc

here are a couple of examples I’ve taken so that you can see the results (I uploaded them to youtube after recording)

sources: screen recording video I took

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