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Mount sftp folder with finder

Mount sftp folder with finder

this will show you how to mount a remote directory in finder using sftp

  • open finder
  • go > connect to server
  • type in ftps://

it says ftps in the protocol part [which isnt sftp] but if you do it in the ‘connect to server’ dialog then it will use sftp to connect to that server and will make it available in the ‘shared’ part of the sidebar.

finder makes it read only access though, so you cant write to it. which is quite annoying, but there are better alternatives for you to use: cyberduck is great for this kind of situation, it handles lots of different protocols and gives you much more options such as google drive, ftp-ssl, webdav and amazon s3

  • Astro Turfer

    Does not work for me. I’ve tried connecting to a Ubuntu server (which works using sftp://server/path from Ubuntu desktop).

  • jonathan

    it seems that this doesnt actually work. it might have been a bug in snow leopard that let me think it was connecting via sftp when it was actually connecting via ftp :|

  • Gerald

    worked in Snow Leopard. Broken in Lion

  • Vadym Tyemirov

    Works like charm! Thanks a bunch for the tip